An ongoing crisis

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to impact millions of Ukrainians who have been displaced from their homes, communities and country. Nearly 200,000 Ukrainian citizens have arrived in Canada since the crisis began in January 2022.

How We’re Helping

Lifeline Ukraine helps to support Ukrainian newcomers with a specialized focus on education, skills and training and employment support in collaboration with industry, post-secondary institutions and other community groups.

Be a Lifeline

We encourage Canadian employers looking to add great new talent to their organization to visit the Lifeline Ukraine portal Powered by Magnet, which matches newcomers from Ukraine to employers, filling employment gaps and helping newcomers to find stability in their new lives in Canada. Ukrainian newcomers have completed pre- and post-employment assessments and training programs to ensure employers are provided with well-matched employees.

For Newcomers

Lifeline Ukraine Connects Newcomers to Jobs

Finding a job is an important part of making a new country home. The Lifeline Ukraine platform Powered by Magnet helps to connect Ukrainian newcomers of all backgrounds and levels of experience to jobs.

It’s easy to get involved

Opportunities for individuals and organizations to support newcomers to Canada range from individual or corporate mentorship, job placements to private sponsorship and donations. Or sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest information on Lifeline Challenge programs and activities, and see how you can make a difference in the lives of newcomers to Canada.

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