Lifeline Challenge

Newcomers need us. We need you.

Supporting Afghan Refugees

Supporting Afghan Refugees

One thing is clear: millions of lives are at stake in Afghanistan.

Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

Supporting Ukrainian Newcomers

Connecting newcomers to opportunity in a time of need.

What is Lifeline Challenge?

Lifeline Challenge engages Canadians to support private sponsorship in various ways, including by becoming an individual or community sponsor, donating, or volunteering time or expertise to support private sponsorship.

Lifeline Challenge also works with citizens, donors, community organizations and employers to develop and deliver innovative education, training and employment pathways and strategies for refugees fleeing to Canada.

How does it work?

An information, advocacy and support program designed to respond to the needs of those new to Canada, Lifeline Challenge provides a variety of resources and information to assist newcomers as they transition to a new life and a new country with a focus on private sponsorship, education and employment pathways.

Resources such as job portals connect employers with jobseekers, where information on skills training and how to connect with meaningful job opportunities can be found. Lifeline Challenge also works with its partners to connect private sponsors to refugees and wrap around supports upon arrival in Canada


Why does it matter?

The need is great and the time is now. Barriers continue to exist for those seeking to come to Canada. By partnering with our Advocacy initiatives, our voice, efforts and the opportunity for success is strengthened. Canada has a long history of resettlement and our model for the private sponsorship and resettlement of refugees is among the best in the world. In 1979, Canada resettled over 60,000 Vietnamese refugees with many of them being privately sponsored. More recently, in 2015, Canada resettled 25,000 Syrians in just over 100 days with many more in subsequent years. More than 3 million Canadians participated in the private sponsorship of families. The research shows that the initiative was successful, with the newcomers helping to drive economic growth. Privately sponsored refugees out-perform others because they receive the social capital needed to help navigate Canadian society and pathways to employment. Refugees contribute to our economic and social fabric, thereby building a stronger Canada.

It’s easy to get involved

Opportunities for individuals and organizations to support newcomers to Canada range from individual or corporate mentorship, job placements to private sponsorship and donations. Or sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest information on Lifeline Challenge programs and activities, and see how you can make a difference in the lives of newcomers to Canada.

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