A country in crisis

Afghanistan is experiencing one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises – if not the worst.  Food security and health care have all but collapsed. While thousands have been evacuated, many are left behind. Millions have sought refuge in other countries and are waiting for our help.

Canada is committed to the resettlement of 40,000 Afghans to Canada by the end of 2023. We know from our experience with the Syrian refugee crisis that support from communities is a crucial way to help newcomers acclimatize to their new country, which also strengthens the social fabric of their communities and can even bolster the economy.

How We’re Helping

Lifeline Afghanistan helps to facilitate the resettlement of ST sponsored Afghan refugees with a specialized focus on education, skills and training and employment support in collaboration with industry, post-secondary institutions, settlement agencies, sponsorship agreement holders and other community groups.

We are also prioritizing supports for youth. Our experience whilst working with the Syrian newcomers has shown how quickly young people were able to learn English and adapt to their new environment and the important role the schools played in helping families navigate their new lives.

We also know the importance of prioritizing mental and physical health for newcomers.  Some of these projects include ADaPT, Study Buddy, Pre-arrival Assessment and the Powered by Magnet job matching platform.

Be a Lifeline

We encourage individuals and communities to consider becoming a private sponsor of an Afghan individual or family. Lifeline Afghanistan can facilitate the creation of groups of 5 individuals who will help in the resettlement of each Afghan family.

We also have a great opportunity for Canadian employers looking to add great new talent to their organization.  The Lifeline Afghanistan portal Powered by Magnet matches newcomers from Afghanistan to employers, filling employment gaps and helping newcomers to find stability in their new lives in Canada. Afghan refugees have completed pre- and post-employment assessments and training programs to ensure that they can provide employers with well-matched employees.

Donations of any amount are also welcome and help to ensure that Afghan refugees are able to access the support they need as they settle in Canada.

For Newcomers

Lifeline Afghanistan Connects Newcomers to Jobs

Finding a job is an important part of making a new country home. The Lifeline Afghanistan platform Powered by Magnet helps to connect Afghan newcomers of all backgrounds and levels of experience to jobs.

It’s easy to get involved

Opportunities for individuals and organizations to support newcomers to Canada range from individual or corporate mentorship, job placements to private sponsorship and donations. Or sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest information on Lifeline Challenge programs and activities, and see how you can make a difference in the lives of newcomers to Canada.

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